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Multicraft Internet Leased Line

(M-ILL) or Broadband Internet, which one you should choose?

“Multicraft Digital Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (MDTPL)” is licensed by the Department of Telecommunication (DOT), Government of India (GOI), to carry on the business of providing internet service within All India Service Area. Whereas the MDTPL has got unified License (With Internet) No. DS-11/250/2016-DS-lll, Dated 15/01/2017.

Multicraft Digital Technologies Pvt. Ltd. also has a valid Registration Certificate for Infrastructure Provider Category – l (IP-1) for provision of services to establish and maintain infrastructure assets.

When it comes to keeping information assets secure, organizations can rely on the ISO/IEC 27000

Advantages of Multicrat Internet Leased Line (M-ILL)

There are a number of benefits for Multicraft Internet Leased Line (M-ILL) as compared to traditional broadband internet connection. Firstly, Multicraft Internet Leased Lines are available with various high-speed internet option. Along with this, you can benefit from faster upload and download times, no slowdown during peak time and access to a private network offered exclusively to the business. Connections are symmetric, unlike standard broadband connections where upload speed will be low as compared to download speed.

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