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It makes sense to search for internet with fast speeds and high bandwidth & that’s what draws so many people to internet powered by fiber.

What Is Fiber Internet?

Fiber optic is a type of technology that transmits data by sending light along thin glass fiber. Fiber broadband (sometimes called fiber internet) is an internet service that is powered by fiber optic cables. This is different from traditional cable internet, which transmits information by sending electricity over copper wires.

We ensure to provide you a better Wi-Fi signal, buffer-free internet, less downtime, and consistent speeds. MULTICRAFT has analyzed real-time customer labs and feedback & continuously worked to improve our work patterns, data center’s, connectivity status, and finally reached to this milestone where we can give you the assurance of zero time downfall, 24X7 customer support with extraordinary technical staff.

So, be it streaming, work from home, gaming, file transfers, video conferencing, we makes every experience better and faster in every possible way.

How we are different from others?

There are many other ISPs who talks about Speed, Technology, PAN India Reach, Pricing but they don’t have the model which actually collaborating the ground partners who are technically mastered in their field, and we as a company provide them the guidance to them which they merge with their skills and generate the result which is called Customer Satisfaction.

We Work With S-T-S Model


We bring you the most advanced fiber-optic technology at your door-step, so you can enjoy a seamless inWe ensure equal upload and download speed along with streaming without buffering. That is why our customers named us Superfast Internet Service Provider.


We bring you the most advanced fiber-optic technology at your door-step, so you can enjoy a seamless internet connection.


We always ensure that our customer’s internet streaming experience is hassle-free. And that is why our service team keep an eye on the entire network 24X7.

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